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Posted by Cynet Support on 10 January 2020 12:27 AM

Dear customer,


Due to previous incident of the server on hardware failure, the server keep up and down due to unstable filesystem and corrupted file and database.
So we decide to setup a new server and restore all account from our remote backup data which is 1 day old.

Date : 09-Jan-2020
Time: 9:00PM
Effected Server:


1. We will deploy a new server with cluster SSD disk for high speed performance and restoration.

2. The server will located at Europe data center which has same performance as our Premium server plan.

3. All user account will get free upgrade to our Premium SSD server as a compensation of the recent downtime.

4. The restoration to new SSD server is the fastest and safest way to solve the filesystem error problem again.

5. Total restoration data is about 1.7TB size and the backup date is between 08-Jan until 09-Jan and will take about 24 hours to complete restore all account.

6. Due to this is new server, all the software and plugin will be install later as our current priority is backup restoration.


Here is the new server information





Cynet Hosting Team




Date : 10-Jan-2020
Time: 11:00AM

UPDATE: The restoration on new server is now completed. We will now proceed to setup other plugin and soffware on the server.

If you face any error on your website, please submit a ticket and email us at [email protected].



Thank you.
Cynet Hosting Team